Teaching: My Courses

I design my own marketing courses for university students. My English courses are offered privately and I specialize in business English for adults.

Pet Adoption

The next time you are considering bringing a pet into your home, I hope the pictures here inspire you to consider adoption. Above all else, please help control pet overpopulation by spaying/neutering your pets.

My Research & Advocacy

My research and advocacy are tied to the importance of art in communities and schools.

Teaching: Online Marketing

I designed this course for the univeristy FH Kufstein Tirol (Austria).  It focuses on email marketing, social media, CRM and CMS systems, SEO, and Google Analytics and Adwords. The Lecture Online Marketing Prezi Videos for Class WordPress.com Video Tutorial: The Dashboard WordPress.com Video Tutorial: Setup I set this up to skip to where we left…

Teaching: Theatre Marketing

Theatre Marketing: Lecturer for upper division undergraduate and graduate level class focusing on an overview of the American theatre sector, and a foundation of all marketing techniques necessary to single ticket, subscription, and institutional marketing.

Teaching: English

Private, personalized English tutoring for students of all ages. Specializing in business English for intermediate and advanced English students.

Marketing Consulting by Peggy Ryan Designs

Marketing services including strategy consulting, email marketing, photography, web design, graphic design, and public relations supporting artists, small businesses, and non-profits.

Travel Advising

After several decades in Southern California, I left California in 2008, and I’ve traveled ever since. In addition to serving as a guide for students and faculty traveling in Italy, I also keep a travel blog, Gracefully Global, featuring my personal travel experiences and travel trips.

Web Design by Peggy Ryan Designs

Art by Meg McKenzie Ryan and Irving Flores Jazz are two examples of websites I’ve designed and continue to manage through Wordpress.com.

Graphic Design by Peggy Ryan Designs

I began designing graphics in the 1990s in order to promote the performing arts projects I was involved in. Since then I’ve utilized my skills to support the work of my clients and the organizations I’ve served, including mission-driven organizations, real estate agents, magazine publishers, theatres, and universities.