English Teaching

IMG_3642English Teaching: With nearly five years of experience teaching English, I’ve had the opportunity to teach groups of all sizes and students of all ages, from small groups of adults at the Ducati factory, to large groups of rambunctious teens at Bologna middle schools.  I specialize in personalized tutoring of business English for intermediate and advanced English students in Italy.  If you are interested in studying English, please contact me at peggy AT peggyryan DOT com.



Me and some of my youngest English students.

Most of the lessons I teach are from the book pictured above left, of which I’m attaching a short version here. I’ve also collected additional resources over the years that I am sharing below.

Websites for Daily/Weekly Studying


Documents for studying




My favorite Irish guys and fellow English teacher, Niall!


Other Activities


Students at the Ducati Factory



More lessons at Ducati!

Dr. Seuss for English Pronunciation
Dr. Seuss wrote some of the most famous children’s books in the history of the United States.  He wrote in a poetic meter, and many of his words rhyme.  For this reason, reading Dr. Seuss is a helpful way to study English pronunciation.


English students and English teachers hanging out in Bologna.

Social Media Exercise
Study social networks and Facebook while learning English
Facebook and Social Networking lesson
Fill in Your Social Network
Social Media Vocabulary
Status Update in English
What’s the Ideal Number of Friends?

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