Promotional Writing

My work in arts and theatre marketing, community relations, and public relations have inspired many years of promotional writing.   The following are two recent examples.

JH-quote-presentation3-webJH:Mechanics of a Legend press release 2/1/2015

Hiawatha Project debuts newest project – JH: Mechanics of a Legend
The work-in-progress presentation runs one-night-only on April 2nd at the New Hazlett Theater!
Pittsburgh (February 1, 2015) – Hiawatha Project, a Pittsburgh-based theatre company in its fifth year
dedicated to creating new and original performances exploring specific social questions, is proud to
announce its next theatrical work: JH: Mechanics of a Legend – based on the haunting American Folk
Tale of John Henry – is the story of a young, black veteran of the Union Army, caught in the confusion
and fury of a nation still battling itself. A work-in-progress presentation will run one night only at the
New Hazlett on Thursday, April 2nd at 8:00pm as part of their CSA (Community Supported Art) Series.
The show is suitable for adults, and tickets can be purchased through the New Hazlett’s website and cost
$20 (

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logoOjai Playwrights Conference Marketing Consultation

Enlarging Ojai Playwright Conference’s digital footprint is a matter of building on its existing foundation strategically by increasing content, sponsoring content, and adding channels in order to more effectively reach the many
segments and potential segments of the OPC audience locally, nationally, and internationally. Facebook’s power is great, but it controls messaging and limits the reach of content unless connections are made through tagging and event invitations, and content is dynamic enough to widen the scope of the given reach. Short video content such as a snippet of a reading can be effectively
shared and sponsored across channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and increase momentum for promoting upcoming events or build awareness for
the OPC brand through an interview between Robert and a playwright, for instance. RSVPs to Facebook event invitations are shared with event attendee’s
networks, reinforcing the need to create and leverage event invitations as a crucial part of a healthy social media marketing effort. And perhaps most importantly, an investment of as little as $10 per week in Facebook advertising can bring OPC’s content to as many as an additional 1,000 Facebook users each week, hand-picked according to the most appropriate demographic for each
post or marketing objective.

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